Saturday, January 19, 2013


I just want you all to know that since my last post, things are okay again and back to what we call 'normal' in our house.  I'm guessing some prayers went up to God for us, and he helped us to move past this.  We found forgiveness in our hearts quite quickly, and in the mean time, I think R learned a valuable lesson.  He said he has changed his mind and does want our help with things, and he apologized.  I'm pretty sure his screaming, hungry stomach is a feeling he won't forget for awhile, considering his favorite thing to do is eat.  Not getting to eat dinner is what bothered him most about the whole fiasco.  But he made up for it at our Adoption Dinner/Group Meeting last night, eating a giant helping of lasagna, and then asking our group leader if he could take all of the leftovers home.  So there he was, walking out of group carrying a pan of lasagna, and as soon as we got in the car, asked me if he could eat it for lunch tomorrow.  That boy and food!  

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