Monday, November 12, 2012

How Far Back Does Adoption Go For Your Family?

Today I share with you a story that is very close to my heart.  My mom was adopted and she praises God for this, for had she not been, she's not sure much good would have come of her life.  Her birth mother had seven children, and of those seven children, my mom and her older sister were the only two not raised by her, and the only two that ended up with any quality of life.  Of all seven children, my mom is the one who beat all the odds, and vowed to create a life for her children, where they would never be left and always know they were loved.  She is the only one who raised her children and never left them.  Here is her story:

My parents, Daniel and Billie, were divorced when I was 1 yr old. Our father gained custody of us through the court system in Huntington, WV.  However, my dad's mother, our grand mother, became our legal guardian.  My memories are all with my Grand mother who I will refer to as "Mom".  She was so good to us, and I loved her very much.  We lived in a huge white house on 3rd avenue.  In the front of the house was a grocery/diner store.  The name was, Leona's Grocery.  She dressed us very nicely and took us to restaurants to help us learn good manners.  In this big house lived my papaw, Henry, a full blooded Mexican, my Uncle Johnny, and my Aunt Hazel, who was mentally challenged from an accident. I was very loved by my Mom but I always wanted to be with my daddy.  He worked in a plastic factory in Chicago.  I often tried to think of ways I could sneak into his car when or if he visited, so he would have to keep me once we got to Chicago.  As we grew older, I would day dream about my daddy, in school and every where.  All I wanted was to be with my daddy.  He was so handsome, with black wavy hair, thin and dark skin tone, a club foot, and he was an amazing trumpet player.  Eventually there were no more letters, birthday cards, or visits.  My heart was broken.  When Mom lost the store we moved around a lot. Often there was no running water, no inside bath rooms, no heat, and even no electricity.  The roofs often leaked.  The only time I ever heard anything about my mother, Billie, was that she was no good, and would steal us if she ever found out where we were.  I was always so afraid she would find us and take us away from our Mom.  Mom always went without to make sure we were taken good care of.  I have a wonderful Aunt Hope and Uncle Ray, that live in Greenville, SC.  I remember they would often help Mom out financially.  Aunt Hope was my mom's daughter. I remember Hope and Ray paying for my white dress for my senior year of high school.  I could go on and on about my life.  The most important part is the Lord took me by the hand at a very young age, and pulled me through all the heart ache and evil.  He had a plan for me, and without Him I would be nothing, nothing at all.  My daughter, Hollie, was an infant when my mom passed.  She had lung cancer.  It broke my heart! I loved her so much.  When I look at my life now, I did okay!  I have two wonderful adult children, and four beautiful grandchildren. I move around as I choose, with an amazing career that affords me the opportunity to do so.  I've been a nurse for approximately 30 years now.  God is still my hero.  I've really been blessed.

My mom's biological mother is still living.  They are in contact every once in awhile, but still there ceases to be much of a relationship there.  My mom was able to reconnect and establish a relationship with her father, before he passed on Christmas Eve of 2006.  This relationship was very special to her and she loved her dad very much.  

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