Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Do Have Good Days

Today was such a good day with our adopted son of 4 months.  I always share my good days and my bad days that I have with R, with my dear friend, Lesa.  It's become a daily conversation between us.  It seems for every good day we have, the next day is just the opposite.  I know that most of my posts have been somewhat negative in nature, so I want to take this opportunity to share a great moment with all of my readers.

I always pick R up from school on Wednesdays, to take him to an after-school church program that he loves.  The kids and I were waiting outside the doors of his school today, my son holding up a plate with R's name on it.  He smiled from ear to ear when he saw us waiting for him.  The kids were excited to see him too.  As we were walking to the car, he said, "Mom, I got good grades today!"  Every Wednesday, the teacher sends a folder home with a weeks worth of graded work and a conduct/behavior grade.  And every Wednesday, we hop in the car, drive from the school to the church, park the car, and R passes his backpack up to me so I can look through his folder.  I will say, past weeks have not been so great, and I will get to that in another post about school, but today was his best yet.  He had A's, B's, and one C.  I want to highlight that he got a high B on his spelling test and an A on his dictation, and an A for conduct.  I applauded him over and over.  He said, "I guess all that hard work has paid off!"  Music to my ears.  "Yes, buddy, hard work will always pay off.  I'm so proud of you."  As he was getting out of the car to go into the church, he said, "Make sure you text Dad and tell him about my good grades."

My brother had sent R a Bengals football (my brother is a Bengals fanatic) in the mail last week.  We decided we would wait for a good deed/act/grade to give it to him.  Today was fitting.  He has just, in the last week, started to enjoy football.  He had never watched a game on TV, let alone live, nor did he have any understanding whatsoever how the game is played.  He's been watching it on TV with his dad and playing it with the boys who live down the street.  He must have told me five times today that they're playing football in PE tomorrow and he wants to be the quarterback.  So I called my brother up, handed the phone to R, and went to get the football.  My brother told him he wanted to get him something for doing such a good job and how proud of him he is, and then I handed him the ball.  It was Christmas morning for this 9 year old boy.  He was beyond elated.

When R is happy, everyone is happy.  Homework went smooth tonight.  Dinner was a piece of cake...not literally.  And bedtime came with no debate...except the presidential debate on TV.


  1. That is awesome! Great job to R :) And YAY for you guys!! Hoping your positive times come more frequently then the negative times.

  2. He's such a cute young man! You guys are doing a great job :)