Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Our Post-Adoption Resource

Today I would like to share some of our adoption resources with you.  Within the first month of our adopted son living with us, we knew we needed help.  We didn't know what things were normal for an 8 year old and what things weren't.  I got online one day and just started searching for post-adoption resources, like integration counseling.  Little did I know that I had hit the jackpot when a few days later, a wonderful young woman returned my call and wanted to honestly help me in anyway she could.  I had forgotten I had even called and left her a message.  She was super quick to get my family set up with post-adoption services.

"Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections (APAC) is a statewide program designed to empower adoptive families facing adoption challenges and to facilitate stronger bonds and interaction within all adoptive families. APAC is a collaborative effort between Children's Aid Society and the Alabama Department of Human Resources. "

Since July, we have been attending the Adoptive Family Group.  We meet as a whole family, with other families, every third Friday of the month.  We gather together, eat dinner that one of the families has made, and then the children separate from us and go play for an hour.  During this time, the adults sit in a circle with a trained therapist and discuss what issues we are currently facing.  We also go over topics that the therapist has selected and do some exercises.  We always walk away wanting more, saying that an hour just never seems to be enough, but we all need to get the kids home and in bed.  The kids, especially R, absolutely LOVE going to this group.  He is able to interact and make friends with other adopted children of all races.  He has people to relate to, and that is a great feeling for him.  The kids are also able to attend Camp APAC in the Summers, and not just the adopted ones, but their siblings too.  We missed this past Summer, but plan to take full advantage of the camp next Summer.

Our last meeting was this past Friday.  My husband and I both said it was the best one thus far.  We discussed our issues with everyone, and the amount of advice and support that they all threw our way was incredible.  It was also nice to know that we are not alone in our struggles.  They struggle as well, even though they have had their adopted children since birth.

There are so many resources and so much help out there for adopted families.  It won't be handed to you though.  You have to search for it and see what you can find.  But once you find it, you will see an abundance of resources.  I will discuss other things along the way, that we have found through asking questions and doing things, like getting his new SS card.  You just never know what you're entitled too.

For more information on APAC, you can visit

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